The following links are PDF files for chapters from a draft of Prof. Benton's book on holography. You will need the Adobe Acrobat plugin or Adobe Acrobat Reader to read them.


Chapter 1: Introduction (PDF)

Chapter 2. Light as waves (PDF)

Chapter 3. Waves and phases(PDF)

Chapter 3 appendix. Phase footprints (PDF)

Chapter 4. Interference (PDF)

Chapter 5. Diffraction (PDF)

Chapter 6. Diffraction efficiency (PDF)

Chapter 6 appendix. Efficiency of various grating types (PDF)

Chapter 7. Platonic holography (PDF)

Chapter 8. Ray-traced holographic analysis (PDF)

Chapter 9. Holographic optical elements and in-line holograms (PDF)

Chapter 10. Off-Axis Leith and Upatneiks holograms (PDF)

Chapter 10 appendix. Horizontal and vertical focus (PDF)

Chapter 11. Non-laser illumination (PDF)

Chapter 12. Real-image projection (PDF)

Chapter 13. Full-aperture transfer holograms (PDF)

Chapter 14. Rainbow holograms (PDF)

Chapter 15. Practical Rainbow Holography (PDF)

Chapter 16. In-line "Denisyuk" Reflection holograms (PDF)

Chapter XX. Denisyuk reflection holograms (PDF)